About This Blog

This is a blog for a D&D campaign I am playing in, with several of my friends. Campaign sessions run every other Sunday, depending on availability for most of the players. I will try to make a post after every session, and a few interspersed in between sessions with info about the campaign itself, the players, the settings, the characters, and anything I feel like writing about. Most of the actual after-session posts will be written in character, but not all of them. I will be sure to specify for each post if it's in character or not. In every post, regardless of in character or not, I will not refer to the other players by name. For the time being, I will only refer to them by character name, or in the case of the DM, it will just simply be "The DM". If my fellow players wish to have themselves linked to this blog, or have their names or handles associated with it, i'll do that too. This campaign is exclusively online, since we are all scattered about various parts of North America. We use discord for our communications, and Fantasy Grounds for the actual "table". I'll occasionally post screenshots of stuff from the game as well. Feel free to ask me any questions about the game, or the table, or playing online, if you like.