Monday, September 14, 2020

Session 0 - Introduction

[Your heart drops, you can feel your body go cold with fear. You’re not used to fear, but your body seems to know that you’re going to die, and despite your skills and abilities there’s simply nothing you can do about.

Searing heat and cold stone crashes down upon you.

With a small gasp you look around. You’re no longer in a large cave, you’re not facing your death before a raging ancient elemental.

Instead, you realize you’re sitting in a clearing, with five other familiar faces. You know these people, and you know that they had all surely died standing beside you as the elemental’s primal magic killed you all. Confusion keeps you all silent for a long moment as the events of the last few weeks replay in your mind.

The – god? – with the pan flute, the dwarf that was his cleric, the town that flourished one moment and was charred the next, and traveling to another plane. These events skitter across your thoughts. Fights, mazes, monsters, puzzles, strange traveling companions you can’t place having known before, and spells that you’ve never heard of before. Even though you know you were fighting along-side your friends, some details weren’t right: names were wrong, races were wrong, fighting styles were impossible – but you know they had been themselves.

The events and passage of time feel so real that it’s disorientating. Still-warm half-eaten bowls of stew in the camp site seem proof enough that whatever happened – it hadn’t taken long. Confusion on the faces of your companions makes it clear that whatever ailed you, had happened to them as well.

But how did you get here? You don’t remember breaking camp, you’re not even sure why you’re all traveling. Common sense says you’ve got a job – you’re all pretty good about not pissing off the local, or even the not so local, authorities – so it’s not likely you’re on the run.

You remember completing your last job, and you must’ve had time to get repairs and provisions – your gear is in good working order, your rations are fresh, and no one seems road weary.

What in the name of Theria’s Children happened?]

So a little background on the campaign here. This is a homebrew campaign setting, that originally began in 2014, but went on hiatus for several years because of the DM's work responsibilities. Most of us all play in a couple campaigns together, so when our other campaign wrapped up in July, we decided to bring this one up again. Since this is a campaign that isn't COMPLETELY starting at square one, we are starting at level 7. We are an established party that has worked together and all know each other and trust each other, so a lot of the pre-hiatus stuff is going to be handwaved a bit. The italicized intro up above was written by the DM as a way of bridging the original campaign to what we're going to be currently playing in. There is probably a LOT of context that will need to be given to posts as I go along, and I will try to give some context when needed. For instance, in the above reference to "Theria's Children"--that's referring to the gods of the campaign setting. Theria is the Eldest, and created all the other gods, her children. 

See? Context.

So, that said, let's introduce the cast of characters:

Abraxus - Dragonborn Hexblade Warlock

Anais - High-elf Grave Cleric

Arannis - Eladrin Scout Rogue - He will be joining us later in the campaign due to work conflicts

Azure - Eladrin Horizon Walker Ranger 

Crash - Minotaur Echo Knight/Barbarian 

Thiride - Drow College of Eloquence Bard - This is my character

Quilla - Half-elf Phoenix Sorcerer

I will also have the party names listed in a side-linked page, so you don't have to dig through for my session zero post to see what names are going along with who and what. 

The idea for this blog sprung up from taking some notes, for my first time, on this campaign's first session the other day. After the session ended, I was looking through the notes and realized that I wrote them in first person. So that started kicking the idea around of making an actual sort of journal or diary from my character's POV, and THAT led to the idea of blogging. Before I knew it, well... here I am, and here you are I guess. I think *most* of my after-session posts will be in-character, but not every one will. I'll make sure to specify when a post is in-character or not. I may also, occasionally, have guest posts from the other players, if they're interested. Since we only play every 2 weeks, I will try to intersperse additional posts to give background info for the characters, or give context to some things that may warrant a full post. Or, I may just want to talk about a bunch of things D&D related, but not campaign specific. Who knows what I'll do? I certainly don't. So, welcome! I hope you enjoy reading what I have to blather about.

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